Julia Altshuler

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I feel as though I never learned to see until I began to translate the visual world into one of color, texture, and fabric.

I grew up in Miami, majored in anthropology, immersed myself in the word arts of poetry, drama, and literature. I have a masters in library science; I've worked in newsstands, hotels, bars, restaurants, and gourmet shops, and nothing in my academic or culinary background prepared me for the way my life would be transformed when I began making quilts.

After a stint studying to become a professional chef and while working in natural foods, on a whim, I answered an ad to take sewing lessons. Garments were well and good, but quiltmaking became my home. Once engulfed in that world, there was no going back. It happened fast. No sooner had I learned to draft a triangle, than I was going to shows, joining a guild, subscribing to magazines, reading quilt books, and collecting the fabrics that would become my palette.

The natural geometry of quilts appealed to me as did the connection with needle arts from the past, but the real joy was in the fabric. Fabric! Where had it been all my life? Cotton fabric. Nubby fabric. Sparkly, soft, silky, slidey, fabric. Fabric from Africa and Japan. Bright colors and subtle ones. Suddenly quilts were everywhere, and I was part of the movement. Traditional, utilitarian, decorative, frivilous, realistic, abstract, and artistic, I'm lucky because I love it all.

My quiltmaking studio is in Marlborough, Massachusetts. For inquiries, commissions and sales: lia@overmoreover.com.

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